Guardians of the Dream

The Enduring Legacy of America’s Immigrants

Entrepreneurial Immigrant Spirit is the Heart of the American Dream

Is opportunity still available for those who work hard and play by the rules? Guardians of the Dream offers an inspiring view of our nation’s promise, which for the past two centuries, has been championed by the legion of America’s immigrants.

Paul Hsu, a business leader and entrepreneur who has built several successful companies, counters the negative narratives by recalling his own journey, and those of others, who have found the path to opportunity in a country that is like no other.

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About Paul

Dr. Paul Hsu is chairman of Hsu Enterprise Group, an energy management consulting company with offices in New York, Florida and Shanghai.

Born in Taiwan, Paul came to the U.S. in 1976 as a first generation immigrant. After completing his M.S. in Industrial Management and Systems Engineering from the University of Central Missouri, he worked as an industrial engineer for Chesebrough-Ponds, then joined defense contractor Harris Corporation as a production engineer until he started his own company, Manufacturing Technology Incorporated (MTI) in 1984.

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